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Standing Walrus

I guess the Cool Weather is here for a while!

And I've continued with some cool weather recipes.

You can check the new ones out below.

Welcome to Cap'n Ron's. I'm a firm believer in controlling the amount of salt and sugar in my cooking, and have developed my own line herbs and spice blends that contain No Salt, No Sugar, No MSG, and are All Natural. Each has been specifically designed to enhance and compliment your cooking with you controlling the amount of salt and sugar you're using.

Within this site you'll find Grilled Chicken Recipes, Tender BBQ Pork Chops, Pork Loin Recipes, and Marinated Steak Recipes. You'll also see how to use my spice blends as a Dry Rub for Pork and Chicken, in addition to Jerked Chicken Recipes.

Residing in Charleston, SC there are also many Grilled Seafood Recipes such as Blackened Mahi - Mahi, Cajun Shrimp, and Jambalaya. There are Beef Recipes for dishes like Cajun Marinated Steak, how to choose the best piece of meat, and cooking the Ultimate Prime Rib.

Of course no main courses are complete without additional recipes for all of the side dishes to go along with them. And I've included a lot of potato recipes, vegetable recipes, how to make and use a rub and a mop, some Tex - Mex styled recipes and vegetable recipes like Cajun Corn, Grilled and Fried Asparagus, Grilled Onions, Cajun Sauces, Marinades, and more.

On a whim, I even came up with some great Bacon Recipes like Bacon Brittle, Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts, Bacon Wrapped Bananas, Bacon Popcorn, and Bacon Potato Chips.

My Seasoning Blends add a lot of flavor to your cooking, and can be hot or not depending upon how much you use. There are currently about 240 recipes showcasing how to use and cook with my herbs and spices. I know you'll enjoy them all along with my line of fine seasoning blends.

I've been lax ingetting out recipes this Summer, but I seem to be always cooking the same things on the grill.

I've got some new recipes, including the beginning of the Comfort Food season of recipes below. And, there's more to come.

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Happy Cookin', Cap'n Ron

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I was in Charlotte over Halloween to help my younger son, Critter celebrate his 30th.

He was totally surprised, and was planning on going bar hopping for Halloween, instead we threw a party. My older son, Mark was thereas tas the MAd Hatter, along with Critter and Kate. Of course, my face was scary enough, so that's all you get. It was a blast, even though I wasn't ready to go out a second night in a row. They all left at mdnight to go bar hopping, while I went to bed. Makes me feel old, but then, I AM "Double Critter"!

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