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Polish Easter Brunch Menu

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Easter Brunch Picture

       My memories of Easter Sunday begin 6 weeks in advance of Easter, when we would begin making Pysanki. Pysanki are Russian Easter eggs that are raw (for deeper colors), and are drawn on with a stylus containing hot wax to get a design. You begin with white, then begin to dye, starting with the light colors and progressively getting to the deeper shades. The wax keeps the egg from absorbing the color, so anything you coat with wax will not take the next color. I work on 2 at a time, and it takes 3 - 4 hours to finish 2 eggs. After they're made, most are given away, but the best are saved for the Easter Table.

       The weekend before Easter Sunday, we made the White (Farmers) Cheese....."Continue"

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Easter Butter Lamb

A traditional method of preparing a Butter Lamb for Easter, without the use of a mold.
Easter Ham

Flavors of Orange Juice, and Cloves give this one great appeal.
Easter Kielbasy

We usually order 3 types of Kielbasy for Easter. Smoked, Double Smoked, and Kabanosy.
Easter White Cheese

We make this cheese only once each year, which makes it something special.
Easter Egg Cheese

This really isn't a cheese at all, but eggs, that have the look of a cheese. Again this is special, just for Easter.
Horseradish and Beets

It's always a game to see how much you can eat on one fork until you begin to tear. Making this once a year REALLY makes it something to look forward to.
Easter Bread

This is made with more eggs and milk than you would normally use in a sandwich loaf. Because of this this bread has a texture more like a cake than a bread.
Hard Boiled Eggs

In this recipe, you'll find the secret of getting an egg to peel easily, and, how to get the yolk in the center after it's cooked.
Scarlet O'hara

This may not be a true Polish Easter menu itam, but it sure does taste good. We began drinking this on Hoidays and Special occasions back in the 70's. Works for me.

These are Ukranian Dyed Easter Eggs. I did these years ago, and now, one of my Sons has been keeping up that tradition. By clicking on the picture you'll be taken to a web-site that has some great information, including a video tutorial on making the great looking easter eggs.