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Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled cheese is one of those comfort foods that everyone seems to like. It's especially good with a bowl of soup on a cold, rainy day.

In this variation, I use a smoked Cheddar Cheese, but feel free to experiment with other cheese, and fillings.

1.Slice the cheese into 1/8" slices. Slice the jalapenos into 1/8" rings. Slice the bread into four good thick slices.

2. Butter 1 side of a piece of bread, and set it in a Teflon fry pan. Lay out 1/4 of the Jalapenos, 1/2 of the cheese, dust with blacken to taste, then lay out more Jalapenos. Lay a slice of bread and lay on top with the butter on the outside. Don't be too concerned about using too many Jalapenos, because the cheese will absorb most of the heat.

3. Place a lid over the pan and turn the heat to medium. Cook, covered, for about 10 minutes, then carefully flip and cook for another 5 or so. You want to watch it carefully, because it can burn pretty fast.

4. Serve immediately.

5. For a variation, you could use a lot of different fillings. Change the cheese to swiss, add some mozzarella, add sliced tomatoes, ham, or bacon, or all of the above. Let your imagination run wild.

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