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Welcome to Product Information.

All my Spice Blends are sold in a 7 oz. bottle. This is almost double the size of the standard "supermarket" brands, which are only 4 oz. My Spice Blends all contain, No Salt, No Sugar, and No MSG. That means that when you purchase these Seasoning Blends, your getting all spices, with none of the fillers associated with other blends or rubs.

I also have a NEW TRIAL SIZE, which is a 1 oz. bottle that is a concenient way to try some of the different blends.

Although my Spice Blends are most commonly used as a rub, on meat, prior to cooking, it can also be used to add flavor to sauces, marinades, gravies, etc. When using any of these as a rub, it's best to rub it liberally into the meat, along with some Coarse, Losher, Salt the day before you plan to cook. The salt will first, draw out some of the moisture within the meat, then be drawn back into the meat, along with the rub, as the salt and moisture wants to equalize itself within the piece of meat.

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All of my spice blends have:

No Salt


No Sugar

And are:

All Natural

The only unnatural product included is a non-clumping agent which is added below the allowed limits to maintain an all natural product.

Original Recipe

This is the first blacken seasoning blend that I developed. If you've read the "About" page you'll know that I created it out of necessity, not because I was trying to make a blacken to sell, but because all of the others had too much salt. It works real well as a light or heavy dusting on any meat, as a rub (blackening), or you can add it to most anything else just to kick up the flavor.

Thisif, by far, the most popular of my Spice Blends, and can be hot or not, depending upon how much you use. It's versatility allows me to use it in so many of my recipes.

Mild, Jamaican Jerk

I developed this spice blend on a whim. I wanted something a little sweeter tasting and a little more aromatic than the "Original Recipe." The bottom line was that I was beginning to get bored with the same flavors over and over again. So, I researched Jamaican Spices and found that the common flavors are Cinnamon, Allspice, and Nutmeg. By integrating these products with my "Original Recipe" spice blend I came up with my new "Jamaican Jerk Style" Blacken. With the flavors of the Islands in every bottle, this one has become a GREAT seller,

I've really gotten involved with this blend over the last few months, and have been pleasantly surprised. It seems that I've actually come up with a Blackening Seasoning that works equally as well in desserts as it does in savory dishes. It especially works well with apples, and don't forget the Bacon Recipes. So besides the standard Jamaican style Seafood, Chicken, and Pork recipes, I'll be adding more Dessert Recipes as time goes on.

Hot, Jamaican Jerk

It's been mentioned, quite often, that, although everyone loves my Jamaican Jerk Seasoning Blend, they really would like something a little hotter. This is it!

You'll get all of the flavors of my Jamaican Jerk blend, plus additional heat. You'll be in Island Heaven once you've tried this blend.

Seafood Blend

There are so many times when one of my neighbor's been out fishing, and brought fresh fish that I wasn't expecting. A little lemon or Lime juice really brings out the flavors, and I've got none on the boat. At the same time I've been looking for a blend that is specific for all this fresh fish I get.

THIS IS IT! A very different flavor that's the perfect accent to fresh seafood. It's got a complex flavor that has a hint of both tarragon and lemon. At the same time, it's hot or not, depending upon how much you'll be using.

HOT Jamaican Curry

I was so impressed with the first dish I made with my new Curry Blend, that all I could think of was a Curry Blend that had all the flavors of the Islands. I've come up my own special blend that marries the flavors of the Islands with Curry. It's just full of great flavor.

Mild, Curry Blend

I've purchased a bunch of different Curry Spice Blends in my time, and have never been satisfied. This is a nice generic blend that got plenty of flavor, and has turned me back into a believer in Curry.

Your Italian Blend is beyond compare to anything I have ever bought--I could smell how fresh it was before I even had the bottle completely open! I have used it several times and its just "wow" is all I can say--what a difference!

I just wanted to thank you for making this stuff. It is delicious.
H.T., Huntington Beach, CA

You sir are an absolute genius with herbs and spices, I commend you and your talent for cooking!
J.S., Edomton, Alberta

Your products are potent. I like the fact that you don't cheapen them up, by using salt. A little goes a long way.
J.D., Montreal, Quebec

South Western Blend

This variety of Butt Kickin' Blacken includes the flavors of the South West, plenty of Cumin. Use it as you would the Original Recipe to change the flavors of the finished dish. It especially works well when you want Chili or as the main spice blend in Mexican food.

American Steakhouse Blend

Steak and Fresh Seafood are 2 foods that I hate covering up with a lot of flavors. This blend will "enhance" the flavor of steak instead of masking it.

Unless I'm making a "special" flavored steak, like a Cajun Steak with a Cajun Sauce, my preference has always been to just add lots of Coarsly Ground Black Pepper and Kosher salt. With this Steakhouse Blend, I created something that won't cover up the steak, but enhance it's natural flavor.

Try some today, and you won't be dissapointed.

Fiery Hot, Jamaican Jerk

It's said that my Hot, Jamaican Jerk hasn't been hot enough. This one fixes that problem, with plenty of Habanero Powder, plus some killer Ghost Pepper. SO, if you're a true "Chili Head" you'll just love this Fiery Hot Jerk.

Italian Seasoning Blend

This blend is a classic mix of Italian Herbs. You'll find that it will become your "Go To" seasoning whenever your making anything Italian.

Try some today, I know you'll love it.

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"We were introduced to your Blacken Seasonings when we received all three, along with a gift certificate to our local butcher as a wedding gift.

We live in L.B.I. (Long Beach Island) NJ and have had fun adding your Blacken Seasoning to our favorite fresh fish and clam recipes some of which have been in our families for years. Butt Kickin' Blacken gives the recipes an updated flavor which we now call our own. "
Thanks, T. B.