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Standing Walrus

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Cap'n Crunch Chicken

Special thanks goes out to James in Montreal, Canada for coming up with this GREAT recipe and picture. If you've got a special recipe using one of the Butt Kickin' products, and be sure to take a picture of it.

And, be sure to check out next month's flyer, 'cause there's another new spice blend on the way. A Crab Boil, and that'll make a perfect 10.

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Easter was a great success, and thanks to all those who sent in a picture of their Butter Lamb.
If you haven't noticed the picture on the left, I've got a new bottle size. Now, you can order a large bottle of most of my spices, and not just a 1 pound bag.

I've also purchased a New and Dedicated Label Printer. My old labels were printed on a standard home printer, and the printing ran, or faded if your hands were even just a little damp. This new printer prints real labels, with brighter colors, that won't run.

Welcome to Cap'n Ron's. I'm a firm believer in controlling the amount of salt and sugar in my cooking, and have developed my own line herbs and spice blends that contain No Salt, No Sugar, No MSG, and are All Natural. Each has been specifically designed to enhance and compliment your cooking with you controlling the amount of salt and sugar you're using.

My Seasoning Blends add a lot of flavor to your cooking, and can be hot or not depending upon how much you use. There are currently about 240 recipes showcasing how to use and cook with my herbs and spices. I know you'll enjoy them all along with my line of fine seasoning blends.

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2 New

Seafood Blend Label, Picture

SouthWest Label, Picture

Use these as a rub or as the flavoring for a sauce as in the 2 recipes shown below.

Here are the new recipes I've showcased this month.

My Thanks to James in Montreal who sent in the Cap'n Crunch Chicken, along with a great picture.

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Cap'n Crunch Chicken

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Jerked, Honey / Mustard Aioli

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Steakhouse Brined,
Pork Loin Roast

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Jamaican Curried Shrimp

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Pork Loin Sandwiches

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Boiled, then Baked,
Chicken Wings