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We currently offer 3 varieties of our Butt Kickin' Blacken:

Original Recipe

Jamaican Jerk Style

South West Blend

"Original Recipe" is a spicy Cajun Style Blackening Seasoning

"Jamaican Jerk" has the aroma and flavors of the Islands.

"SouthWest Blend" has the Cumin and Coriander flavors of the South West.

All three of these spice blends are pretty hot if you taste them raw, but impart a unique flavor to almost any dish you're cooking. If you use just a dash, you'll get the nice blend of the flavors. But remember that, as with any "HOT" spice blend, the more you use the hotter it'll be. So if you like the heat of a true Cajun Blacken, go for it and use it liberally.

As I was developing the Jamaican Jerk and SouthWest Blends, A lot of people asked if there is a big difference in the tastes. The answer to that is a definate YES. It seems that people tend to buy another variety of the same brand, after they've tried their first one and liked it. It seems that, although there might be a slight variance in the flavors, people that I've talked to don't seem to think that there is enough difference between them to make it worthwhile to purchase the different varieties. Rest assured that each of these Blackening Spice Blends or very different from each other, and without the salt, you get to use more of it while you're cooking.

So, in this case, it does pay to order each of the different blends.


There are no shipping charges when products are ordered through this page. If you are local to Charleston, and see me on a regular basis, I can either meet you at the Ashley Marina, or another location that's convient to both of us in order to deliver my product.

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"Original Recipe"

1 x 2.5 oz. bottle $6.95

"Jamaican Jerk Style"

1 x 2.5 oz. bottle $6.95

"SouthWest Blend"

1 x 2.5 oz. bottle $6.95

"Butt Kickin' BBQ Sauce"

1 Quart Canning Jar $10.00 / ea.

1 Pint Jar, $7.00 / ea.

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"Orange / Chipotle BBQ Sauce"

1 Quart Canning Jar $10.00 / ea.

1 Pint Jar, $7.00 / ea.

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