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Leftover Ideas

I get a lot of questions about how I can cook so much of one thing at one time. Don't you get tired of eating something so often?

I actually plan on it. As an example, if I cook the Mega Meatloaf, One day I'll have it as cold meatloaf sandwiches, Or I'll chunk it up, warm it in some beef broth, thicken it, then serve over mashed potatoes. Or, I'll slice it thin, put it in some beef broth, break it up as it heats, and use sour cream to thicken. If you serve it over wide noodles, you can call it Beef Stroganoff.

The bottom line is, you cook for the leftovers, but don't serve them as leftovers. Leftovers are a way of prepping a dish before putting it all together. There are a lot of people out there who won't eat leftovers, so don't call it leftovers, just tell your family that we're having Beef Stroganoff tonight, and they'll never know. In reality, all you've done is prep the meat prior to doing the meal like a restaurant might do.

Use the recipes included here to give you an idea of how I make use of some of the many things I cook. I'm like everyone else, and would get real tired of eating the same thing for a week.

Happy Cooking, Cap'n Ron

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Cajun Tater Tots

Crisp on the outside, yet creamy in the middle. You'll find that you'll start making extra mashed potatoes just so you can have the leftovers to work with.

Cajun Mahi-Mahi Omlet

Not that you'll have left over seafood often, but this is a good South West Style Omelet.

Shrimp and Eggs

Made from leftovers, this dish looks and tastes like you got up at 4:00 AM to cook!

Leftover, Smokey Steak Salad

Quick and Easy from leftovers. Even the salad dressing comes from the leftover vinaigrette.

Chicken Salad, from Leftover BBQ Chicken

This Chicken Salad will become the new bar that you judge any and all other Chicken Salads against. The flavors of the BBQ Chicken make it just a little bit different every time you make it.
Pork Chops with Apples Picture

Leftover, Grilled Pork Loin Chops

This worked real well with the sweet Apple Compote. You could even do this as the first day of the meal.

Left Over Reisling Chicken

Not having enough sauce for leftovers, I changed it to a Cheddar Cheese Sauce which turned this into a totally new meal. Think about the chicken as being prepped the day before.

Leftover Conch Stuffed Portobellos

The size of these mushrooms turned this into more of a great Brunch instead of breakfast. Make this and your guests will think you slaved all morning cooking.

Leftover Eye Round Sandwiches

Why pay $8.00 or $9.00 / pound for lunch meat when you can make your own?

Eye Round, Leftovers, with Gravy

Warm up the sliced beef in gravy, just long enough to heat it up. You'll find that it tastes as good as the first day.

Leftover Ham with Red Eye Gravy

Ham is one of my favorite Main Courses, because of the leftovers. This is one of the ways I enjoy them.

Leftover, Ham and Eggs

Use this as a treat, or when you've got the final one or two pieces to use up.